The 48th Annual McDrew Festival

Tennis Bags Swimming Jazz

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The McDrew Events

This year, donations will go to St. Martin de Porres.

Registration for bags and swimming will be available on location at time of the event. Scroll below for Doubles Tennis registration or text us at 217-416-0460

AUGUST 12, 2022 @ 4:00pm


Washington Park at the Velasco Tennis Center

Music by The Chicago Diamond Trio

AUGUST 12, 2022


TIME: 4:00PM

FEE: Donations Welcomed

ADDRESS: Velasco Tennis Center, 1501 S Grand Ave W, Springfield, IL 62704

NOTE: No cheating allowed. Scoring errors will be noted. Cornhole instructions are below...

The Official ACA Cornhole Rules

WHAT IS CORNHOLE / BAGS? It has been called many things, Corn Toss, Bean Bag, Bean Toss, Soft Horseshoes, Indiana Horseshoes, but to many of us born and raised in Kentucky and the southern part of Ohio, the game is passionately referred to as Cornhole. The truth is, who really knows, but the game is great fun for all ages and can be played anywhere! Scoring can be swift and the lead may change hands several times in a match before the winner is decided. The game is generally played tournament style with an individual or team being named the champion at the end of the tournament.

AUGUST 12, 2022


FEE: Donations Welcomed.

ADDRESS: Velasco Tennis Center, 1501 S Grand Ave W, Springfield, IL 62704

NOTE: Players of all abilities and ages are welcomed and encouraged to sign up. McDrew memories are priceless.

register for tennis

AUGUST 13, 2022

AUGUST 13, 2022


Start Time: 8:30AM

Illini Country Club Pool

Music by Virgil Rhodes and Footprints

FEE: Donations welcomed.

ADDRESS: Illini Country Club, 1601 Illini Rd, Springfield, IL 62704

NOTE: Swimmer decides on a per lap donation (pledges welcome), swim your laps, have fun and make your donation. First time swimmers are strongly encouraged to sign up. Music, food and drinks will be served up poolside. Invite your swim buddies. Swim McDrew is the only swim-a-thon sanctioned by The McDrew in North America.


Island Bay Yacht Club


Music by Kapital Sound

Food, drinks, dancing, good views, and all of your favorite people in Springfield Illinois.

Island Bay Yacht Club

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How it all started...

Kevin and John organized their initial tennis event in the 1st grade at Blessed Sacrament School. In the Spring of 1962, along with Tom Jennings and David Humphreville, they put together a grade school doubles tennis team and scheduled matches with Little Flower and St. Al’s. It was Easter Weekend in 1962 when BS met St. Al’s at the Lincoln Park Tennis Court. St. Al’s had a rag tag team with Mike Aiello and John Kulek as their number one doubles team (and only team). McDrew stepped aside in that match and allowed the Jennings/Humphreville team to make short work of Aiello/Kulek. The next month, on Mother’s Day, Jennings/Humphreville were dispatched to take on the Little Flower team of Tim Norris and Greg O’Brien. The Norris/O’Brien team insisted on playing the match on a temporary court constructed on Circle Drive. Didn’t matter. Jennings/Humphreville crushed them. This was the first of many encounters St. Al’s and Little Flower (“Big Weed”) dudes had with the BSS guys and the outcome was always the same. Tennis, basketball, baseball, it did not matter.

Fast forward to the Summer of 1971 and 1972. Kevin and John were working at Oak Ridge Cemetery and had a tendency to get sent home by the foreman for unsubstantiated allegations of misbehavior. Neither could actually “go home” so they went from Oak Ridge to the Lincoln Park Tennis Courts to work on their games for the remainder of the shortened work day. With sharpened tennis skills, they were ready to take the next step and try out for the initial Griffin High School Tennis team in the Spring of 1974. As things turned out, this was the birth of the McDrew.

Details are sketchy at this point but there is no doubt that John Sankey and Dan Kepner had a pivotal role in the creation of the McDrew. At tryouts for the Griffin Team in April of 1974, one shut out Kevin and one shut out Dog. Both Kevin and John appealed their cause with Coach VanDiver but were told to pack up and get out, you guys are done. Well, they were not.

In the early summer of 1974 before John left Springfield for West Point and Kevin for Champaign, the first McDrew was held at Lincoln Greens Tennis Center on Lake Springfield. There were about ten teams entered and no one touched McDrew. The McDrew was born and continues to this day. It has been a wonderful ride.

John Drew

John Drew (born 27 February 1967) is a British-American industrial, product and architectural designer. Drew was Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Apple Inc., and serves as Chancellor of the Royal College of Art. He joined Apple in September 1992, where he remained until his departure in July 2019. Following several years of designing the interface aspects of Apple products he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Industrial Design in the late 1990s after the return of co-founder Steve Jobs to the company, and CDO in 2015. Working closely with Jobs during their tenure together at Apple, Drew played a vital role in the designs of the iMac, Power Mac G4 Cube, iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and parts of the user interface of Apple's mobile operating system iOS, among other products. He also helped design Apple's major architectural projects, such as Apple Park and Apple Stores.

Kevin McDermott

Kevin N. McDermott is an attorney engaged in private practice in Springfield, Illinois, since 1990. He received a B.S. and M.S.W. from the University of Illinois- Champaign, along with an M.P.H. from the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis and a J.D. from St. Louis University. In conjunction with his private practice and since 2006, Mr. McDermott has served as the Sangamon County Public Guardian and Administrator. Mr. McDermott is a National Certified Guardian and his law practice is focused on the elderly, guardianship, probate and small business matters throughout the State of Illinois. Along with John L. Drew, Kevin is the co-founder and director of the McDrew Tennis & Jazz Festival which has generated nearly $500,000.00 for charitable organizations in Springfield and Central Illinois, during its 47 year history. Mr. McDermott loves his family and life long McDrew friends, and is an avid swimmer, kayaker, sailor, bike rider, hiker and dog walker, and an enthusiastic fan of tennis, the Fighting Illini, St. Louis Cardinals, and the Y. Kevin resides in Springfield with his dog, Doc, and can be contacted at or .


Thank you to our sponsors.

If you would like to become a sponsor, send us an email


This year, donations will go to St. Martin de Porres For direct donations, please click here!

Over the past several years the McDrew community has opened their hearts and checkbooks to support several deserving not-for-profit organizations in the Springfield area. We are inspired by friends and families who volunteer at these organizations and appreciate the innovative efforts of the management teams of these organizations who are devoted to serving our community. To date , together, we have provided approximately $500,000.00 in financial support to the following organizations:

  • The Outnet
  • Mini O’Beirne Crisis Nursery
  • St. Patrick’s School
  • SIU Simmons Cancer Institute
  • St. John’s Children’s Hospital
  • Blessed Sacrament School
  • St. Joseph’s Home
  • Springfield YMCA
  • St. Martin Deporres Center
  • Lincoln Memorial Gardens
  • Springfield Parks Foundation
  • MERCY House
  • Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Brother James Court
  • Sacred Heart-Griffin High School
  • Springfield Public Schools Foundation
  • St. John’s Hospital
  • Toast of the Town
  • King’s Daughters
  • Washington Park Foundation
  • St. John’s Hospital Neurological Unit
  • Springfield Tennis Academy
  • HealthFirst Community Clinic